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Gavin Booth

The Law at Work

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I am Gavin Booth

I don’t have clients; I have people who I support by helping them to understand their rights at work based on my experience as a former trade unionist and representative at the Employment Tribunals in Scotland. I have done this since 1994, mainly voluntarily for Citizens Advice and the Trades Council. I started the Law at Work in 2011, which is a social enterprise activity for the benefit of workers and employers in Central Scotland.

I help people solve problems

I help people solve problems at work by providing practical advice about employment rights so that they can make informed decisions about any challenges they face, and hopefully resolve any issues they have amicably. My primary objective is to help foster good workplace relations and to avoid litigation. However, if matters cannot be resolved and provided there are merits to a potential claim, I can provide guidance and support with Employment Tribunal claims.

Perhaps I can help you too?

I operate on a not-for-profit basis in the interest of the community in Central Scotland. Most advice is provided free of charge by phone or in writing. Fees only apply in limited circumstances, specifically in relation to attendance at workplace meetings, Regulatory hearings or at the Employment Tribunal. The ability of any individual to pay a fee will always be taken into account. In every case, the primary objective is to provide advice and information free of charge so that individuals can make informed decisions, and if necessary, to allow anyone who has a reasonable prospect of success access to justice. 

Now it's your turn!

Every resource on this site was created with people like you in mind. Every article has been written to help guide people like you so that you know what your rights are. If you are facing any challenges, then you really can face them with confidence. All it takes is for someone like me to guide you.